The River Stories Project

This website, as part of the River Stories Project, commemorates The Ohio River Flood of 1937. This archive is dedicated to the citizens of Meigs County, Ohio and the survivors of the '37 Flood.

The River Stories Project is focused on collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the history and personal stories from immigrants, travelers, entrepreneurs and businesses, and significant historical events that have shaped the land and culture of southeastern Ohio and west-central West Virginia.

The region is characteristically innovative and unique in its geography and citizenship. Collaboration with the local residents will add to the diversity of the project by including a dimension of the culture that can only come from the perspective of the inhabitants. The focus of this project is personal dignity as it is embodied through the willingness of citizens to work together to build a learning community that is founded on the principle of equality of opportunity.

The project will use six rotating sites throughout the region to feature specific gallery exhibits, interactive multimedia displays, archived materials and databases, and documentaries. These regional sites will be located in Gallia, Meigs, Jackson, and Vinton Counties in Ohio and in Mason County in West Virginia. Each site focuses on a different group or event and will show their impact to the region's history and culture.